The Rewards Of Knitting: Or, twopairsonemonth

IMG_0275 by you.

IMG_0276 by you.

 This is what happens when you knit. You get beautiful handknit socks that fit you perfectly. I am loving on these socks.

Yarn: Patons Stretch Sock

Colorway: Sugar

Needle: Size 0

 I’ve actually knit two pairs of socks this month, but I need a decent picture of the first pair to show you. I’ve been motivated by a really great group on Ravelry that’s dedicated to knitting one pair of socks a month. Unlike the famous Sock Knitter’s Anonymous, this one has no prizes and no set patterns, but a lot of energy and chatter. It’s the Great Sock Off of 2009. I found it amusing that on Inauguration Day, many of us posted that we were unable to keep a very good eye on our knitting while watching the events—I’m not quite sure exactly how many rows I knit on that first heel flap, but fortunately, the pair match fairly well.

 The yarn is a big box yarn and yet I really, really enjoyed the springy feel of my finished socks. Yes, it cost just $10, but I like these just as much as the more expensive variety. Yarn snobbery doesn’t have to mean expensive!


January 29, 2009. Knittin' Porn, ravelry, works-in-progress.


  1. Amanda replied:

    I prefer the term “yarn preference.” 🙂 Those turned out to be beautiful.

  2. gimpykatk replied:

    I have that exact yarn myself, but haven’t decided what sock pattern I want to try with it. Your’s look great

  3. jinniver replied:

    Quite pretty! I’d love to join the group, but I’m trying to avoid making commitments I know I can’t keep. I have a First Communion veil to knit this year (gulp)!

  4. Jennifer replied:

    That’s a cute colorway! I’d have joined the group myself–I certainly will knit 12 pairs of socks this year–but I always have these bigger projects getting in the way of the socky goodness…

  5. knittingdodo replied:

    Very nice. I have some Patons stretchy that I got at Christmas.It’s nice to see how it looks knit up.

  6. Dava replied:

    It’s taken me 6 years to finish a pair of socks. Yours are very impressive!

  7. silencepainter replied:

    Your socks look great!

  8. Mary replied:

    I have some Patons Stretch Sock Yarn, but the needle size recommended is Size 3 (US). I usually use size 2 and get a gauge of 7-1/2 sts=1 inch on my socks (64 sts.). What should I do with this yarn?

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