Yarn Raffle For Charity: It’s Definitely The Carrot

 One of my friends, Jen, is doing a wonderful thing on her blog, The Sarah Winchester of Fiber Arts. She is giving away stash, people—to raise money to raise awareness and education about multiple sclerosis. Yes, this is her very own stash. Donate $5, and you’re eligible to win yarn from Handmaiden to Malabrigo. That is what I call sacrifice. Here’s the original post with more information, posed in a much more eloquent way than I’ve presented it to you. I’m just gaping at her generosity.

 HOWEVER, any knitter knows that other knitters just don’t like to be left out of some good old-fashioned charity. Rita, a talented indie dyer behind Castle Fibers, is donating some special limited edition sock yarn, and Jen’s personal friend Tia is donating 15 skeins of sock yarn for a special raffle for those that donate $100 or more. 

 The new goal is $1,500, people—and let’s face it, how many times do you get the chance to get yarn for doing a good deed? I’ll answer that: very few. So if you have an extra $5, or $10 or even more that you can donate, head over to Jen’s blog, and make yourself and others feel very, very good!


February 5, 2009. Uncategorized.


  1. gimpykatk replied:

    Oh I wish I was back to work so I’d have money. But I will be praying that she meets or exceeds her hopes for donations. What a great cause.

  2. gimpykatk replied:

    I will add this to my contest side bar too maybe some people I know will make it over there to donate

  3. jinniver replied:

    Thanks for the post! 🙂 Just today another indie dyer donated some roving for the raffle, so now there’s something for spinners too! And gimpykatk, thank you so much for the prayers and the link. I really appreciate everything!

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