Gifts Of Their Hands: Why Knitting Friends Are Awesome

IMG_0360 by you.

I’ve mentioned before that I moderate the largest teen group on Ravelry, which has recently passed 600 members. This means that along with the ordinary drudgery that comes with moderating, I can plan the fun stuff, too! For this February, I put together a very simple Valentines Swap. The minimum was $5. You send candy and a card, that’s it.

 It wasn’t a secret swap, and when there ended up being an uneven amount of people, I took two partners. That picture is the package I just got from my partner and very good friend Bonnie! (She’s actually coming to visit in March, which will make it my first Ravelry friend to meet IRL)

 That awesome pink hat is Misti Alpaca chunky and it is so cuddly and soft. I want to hug it to myself and never let it go. It’s seriously awesome. And almond M&Ms? I’ve never SEEN them before and they’re awesome!

 So treasure your knitting friends. They can give you not only chocolate, but gifts from their own hands. Including hot pink hats.


February 9, 2009. Knittin' Porn, ravelry, Teen Crafters.


  1. gimpykatk replied:

    I LOVE all M&M’s. I tried the almond ones, they were good. Sad I can;t have sugar anymore. Guess that means more M&M’s for you.

  2. jinniver replied:

    Mmmmm…almonds. Swaps are a lot of fun–I’ve only done one so far, but it was a blast seeing what everyone else got and planning the perfect gift for my partner…and that was before I even received a package!

  3. Jennifer replied:

    What a great swap package! Misti Alpaca, yum.

  4. Merenwen replied:

    Awesome 😀 I’m anxiously waiting for my swap package from Luciana, but I know it’s going to take a while, as it’s coming from Colorado and to Ontario, Canada :p

  5. knittchick replied:

    Awesome! I love Bonnie!

    ::sigh:: remember when there were only 50 members in the group? We certainty have grown!

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