Spring Forward Socks Finished!


There’s nothing so sweet as revenge–unless it’s beating a case of second sock syndrome.

Pattern: Spring Forward

Yarn: Elizabeth Bennet: Sunshower colorway


February 11, 2009. Knittin' Porn, works-in-progress.


  1. gimpykatk replied:

    Very nice. I have this pattern in my queue too

  2. jinniver replied:

    I like ’em! They have that fraternal twin look I prefer. 🙂

    Now I just have to finish my socks. Heck, one sock would be good.

  3. Juli replied:

    I enjoy these socks…

    I need to start on my own. D:

  4. dflygarden replied:

    These are wonderful! I also suffer from second sock syndrome – I have knitted two socks, but they are in two different yarns, in two different patterns. What’s a girl to do? Your photos are great!

    found you from Ravelry

  5. tangletale replied:

    Great socks- I don’t knit them because I know I’d be swept away by every new interesting sock pattern out there and then I’d just have to wear mismatched footwear because I’d never finish the 2nd one of any set.

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