Hand Dyeing: Purple Peace Fleece

IMG_0812 by you.

That, my friends, is my very first hand-dyed yarn. I’m not sure why I didn’t try this before, but I think it was my stubborn refusal to try kool-aid dyeing. It’s not like it’s expensive. I just disliked the idea of spending all that time to dye something-with a ‘fake’ dye. Stupid, I know.

 Orginally, it was two skeins of Peace Fleece worsted in a pale cream color. Half a packet of Cushings Natural Perfection dye later–color plum–I have two skeins of amazingly beautiful yarn.

 Oh, and one of the reasons (aside from life, you know) that I haven’t been blogging as much is because ZOMG! I auditioned for and got a part in my first ever play, Anne of Green Gables. NO, I didn’t get Anne, and I didn’t try out for her. Despite the fact that I have read the books and pretty much everything else by Lucy Maud Montegomery, I’m not a huge fan of her heroines. They are all perfect, wickedly intelligent, sylph-like in their starry-eyed beauty and generally nosy, too. However, I like the story and I wanted a chance to act.

 The first night of auditions was pretty nerve-wracking. You have to understand that while I am at the relatively ancient age of 18, I’ve never been in a play before. I have family members that have been in theater. That was my extent of my experience with theater. The large, slightly-stuffy room was packed with girls, little and old, and about 80% wanted to be Anne. I’ve never seen so many girls with red or reddish hair before in one place.

 I started to relax as the audition continued. I don’t mean to sound like I have a heart of coal, but many of the girls were just flat out awful. They read mechanically and with very little flare. I was trying out for Diana, Josie, or Prissy Andrews. By the end of the evening, I knew there were only about three ‘Annes’ that had a chance.

 By the second night, there were just two, and I was one of the remaining girls auditioning for Diana.

 I was reassured by the presence of a younger girl that was crocheting during the auditions. I know her through some of the plays that she’s acted in with the Artist, and she’s very nice. My crochet skills are practically non-existent, but it was nice to watch, especially since I forgot one of my DPNs that first audition and couldn’t knit.

 After the second audition had ended, I knew that I had lost the part of Diana. My own sister, the Artist? She nailed the infamous drunk scene out of the park and so I felt a little bit better about not getting it. I mean, the director didn’t say that she had gotten the role, not yet, but I could tell by her face. We would be called that very same night if we got a role.

 At home, waiting by the telephone, I was so nervous that my teeth ached. If I hadn’t gotten Diana, would I get either of the other two parts that I had wanted? Finally, it rang, and confirmed my thoughts. The Artist got Diana-she handed me the phone.

 “We would like to offer you the role of Priscilla Andrews.”

 My heart jumped and I said YES. Oh, it’s a deliciously funny role and I was so relieved. To get a part, the first time that I tried out? It was amazing. 

 The Peace Fleece actually ties into the play. If you’re at all familar with the story or the movie, Prissy Andrews has a major crush on her teacher, Mr. Philips. The guy that got the role of Mr. Philips is way more experienced in theater than I am, and so far has been a perfect doll to someone that is brandnew to the whole thing. We had a few rehearsals under our belts and I found out his favorite color: purple.

 So, the purple Peace Fleece is being turned into an Irish Hiking Scarf for ‘Mr. Philips’. I only have a few inches done, but I’ll keep you updated on the scarf and the play!


April 9, 2009. Knittin' Porn.


  1. turtlegirl76 replied:

    Congratulations!! That’s awesome!

  2. Antevasin replied:

    Congratulations on getting the part and that is very nice of you to knit ‘Mr. Phillips’ a scarf out of your first dyed yarn! I love the color!!!

  3. MJ replied:

    Congrats! And your yarn looks delicious too 😀

  4. jinniver replied:

    Congrats on getting a role you like in your very first audition! And the yarn is beautiful; can’t wait to see the scarf.

    First play I tried out for was “Luann” (based on the comic strip) in middle school. My two brothers (in 6th grade; I was a lofty 8th grader) tried out as well, and all 3 of us got a part. I was the geeky guidance counselor, which actually wasn’t too bad…except that said guidance counselor had a crush on the geeky English teacher…played by my younger twin brother. Thank goodness there were no kissing scenes. But I did end up with a better role than the older twin brother, who was the actor in the family. I actually had a song to sing; he was Aaron Hill and spent most of his time walking across stage looking unobtainable. He had exactly one line, “Hi, Luann.”

  5. Sarah replied:

    Congratulations! Work hard, have fun, be nice to the crew, and break a leg!

    I desperately wanted to act in high school (and before) but after my sophomore year I realized my real love was being backstage or writing for the people onstage. I remember how nervewracking auditions were, though. Good job keeping your cool and getting a part!

  6. Amanda replied:


  7. turtletoes replied:

    Wow, that’s so great! I’m really happy for you. 🙂 I’ve been thinking about getting into theatre when I go to college next semester, and you have really inspired me to try. 😀

  8. AK replied:

    Congrats to both you and your sister

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