Vanilla Sock. Literally.

 I just felt the need to add another stab to the collective pysche of good writers everywhere by misusing the word ‘literally’ again.

 After pondering what I should knit, I grabbed my double-points and cast on a plain ‘vanilla’ sock-it’s knit in a cream color, hence the misuse of the word literally. I’m in a slightly tiffy mood because I have a loudmouthed moron in one of my classes. He’s like a hopelessly tangled ball of yarn-when he speaks, it’s just such a big ball of stupid that you don’t know where to start untangling it. So imagine a giant tangle of yarn with a big mouth that spouts stupidity as you try to fix it. You’d probably end up like me (or maybe not) dramatically declaring to your friend that you ‘want to stab him in the eye’.

 But back to the sock. It’s simple, it’s soothing-absolutely basic. This weekend was really good for me. It helped me to rest after getting adjusted to a brandnew schedule and it also let me take up my knitting again. I felt like I was melding together the scattered bits of my life. I’m someone that needs touchstones like knitting; just something that helps to glue it all together.

 And, on the plus side, I got a good score on my first math quiz!


September 8, 2009. Snark Editorial.


  1. Amanda replied:

    I had a boy like that in some of my courses. Every time he raised his hand to ask a question, you’d hear a collective groan. Nothing intelligent ever came out of his mouth.

  2. Dava replied:

    Welcome back. I’ve given up knitting until January and my final projects are indeed final. You, however, seem to have a knack for the multi-tasking.

    I hope college is good to you–you are in Writing classes, yes?

  3. tangletale replied:

    My yarn tangles always talk back. Can you knit in class? then you could put a sock in him.

  4. Paige replied:

    I liked this blog comment.. comparing “words” to knitting.. I can see that! It also boosted me :^) to get knitting again!!

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