Stylin’ Like Habit

Soft, cream-colored baby knits. There’s something ridiculously satisfying about knitting something so tiny and complete. Since I have no intentions of furthering my bad genes, I’m knitting for my future nieces and nephews. Two of my siblings got engaged within…mmm, two weeks of each other? This gave me the perfect excuse to knit the adorable retro patterns in my copy of Knitting Traditions, an anthology of all the knitting patterns that Piecework has ever published.

The bonnet still requires a crocheted edging but otherwise I’m quite pleased with it. Although it’s not newborn sized, I can live with that. Babies grow like crazy. The pattern is one of those patterns that tells you to cast on 8 stitches and then wrestle with 5 very angry, porcupine-like DPNs that are all working as hard as they can to discourage you from knitting. There’s a reason I avoid those tricky circular shawls.

However, I cleverly used Judy’s Magic Cast On and knitted the bonnet on two circulars. It made the entire experience that much nicer.  After the bonnet was finished, I still had quite a bit of the yarn left. It’s Wollmeise Twin in the Natural colorway. IE: Undyed. I have to say that WM twin drives me straight up the wall. It’s splitty as hell and while that wasn’t a big issue with the bonnet, it plagued me the entire time that I knit the matching bootikins.

Altogether now: squeeeeeeeeee!

I admit, it might seem strange for a self-admitted child loather to coo over wee bitty baby knits. However, I coo over wee bitty baby knits in the same way that I coo over anything in miniature. Somehow, everything is cuter when it’s smaller. Well, most things. Ahem. Anyway, I am being a Responsible Auntie and am going to start a box to hold all of these little knits.

With all these lacy little retro knits, I feel a little like Franklin Habit, minus the stylin’ sheep. And the published book of comics. And the calenders. And the whole successful yarn career thing. Minor details, dears, minor details.


August 17, 2010. Knittin' Porn, Tuesday Project Updates.


  1. Sam replied:

    It might be best to not have Dolores around all the time, even Franklin can barely keep up with her drama.

  2. Christine Knecht replied:

    Hi there! I was wondering about the book you got this pattern out of, which is absolutely stunning and made me start to drool immediately. I looked online and the thing I am coming up with is on Is that the right book? and could you tell me what is on the cover? I would be so very grateful!

    Best Regards,

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