Bicraftual: Sew Freaking Cool

I’ve already told you about the yarn store where I work. Great little place. What I don’t think I’ve mentioned is that my boss also owns a sewing store right next door. They carry sleek Swedish machines that can do everything from smoothly threading your needle to fighting against fear, fire and famine. Well, that might be an exaggeration but they can sew pretty much anything you can name.

I’m not a sewer. I don’t sew. My mother sews and she’s owned various models of machines over the years. She was mostly self-taught. What she failed to do was pass on any sewing knowledge to her daughters. Mainly this is because my mother and we daughters tend to get along as well as a porcupine and a tar pit. We love each other but the romantic idea of passing on craftual knowledge to the next generation isn’t one that works for us.

So what’s that?

Earlier this year I took some basic sewing lessons at the store next-door. This was at my boss’s behest and why would I complain? I was getting paid to learn how to tame the Swedish Machines. It wasn’t until earlier this week that I seriously considered actually…making something. Then yesterday, I walked into work and there was a large box of fabric bolts for the other store. I started to paw through them and I fell in love. So I thought, OK. Maybe a pillowcase. They can’t be hard. They’re giant rectangles, right? Rectangles are easy.

I asked my boss about it and she was thrilled. I think she’s just been waiting for me to be infected. All I had to do was buy the fabric. Perks of being an employee: I don’t have to pay for the lessons and I can use sewing machines that I could never buy. So today, I picked out 3 fabrics. I had a vague idea of making it from just one fabric but oh no. Pat said she had just the cutest pattern ever and I admit, I liked the idea of variety. The main fabric was called Sparkling Paris. I liked that. I liked the kitschy cute combo and a few hours later, I’m still thrilled…

with my kitschy, cute TOTALLY SEWN BY ME OMG PILLOWCASE!!!

Yep. There it is. Sparkling away. It has fancy ‘French’ seams. I didn’t even know that seams had ethnicities before today. However, I am THRILLED. And also hooked. This is not good. This IS.NOT.GOOD. I have knitting. I can crochet, even Tunisian.

I do not need to sew.

I do not need a fabric stash.

I do not need stacks of adorable pillowcases with a different one for every day of the week.

Gee, that would be really cool…


August 20, 2010. Uncategorized.


  1. Dava replied:

    Whaaahaaahaaaa! Welcome to the dark side.

  2. sam replied:

    uh. you totally need a fabric stash. everyone does.

  3. Flar replied:

    Your pillow case looks really nice!
    Though my mom did pas on the sewing knowledge I’ve actualy never made a pillow case even though I need them and have all the tools at hand πŸ˜‰

    So, just now I was looking for a quilt pattern and came across the one million pillow cases challenge ( shortly after I decided to catch up with all the blogs in my RSS reader and saw your post, so I fgured it migth be my “fate” for today to tell you about this coincidence πŸ˜‰



  4. Obsee replied:

    I had a fabric stash before I owned a sewing machine πŸ™‚
    I bought one recently. I’m not sure it was a good idea. πŸ˜‰

    Those pillows are really awesome.

  5. Lynn replied:

    Love your blog! Nice projects~

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